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"Falling Forward" Published

About six months ago, while I was running errands on a Friday afternoon, I was listening to the radio. A news story came on about teaching whooping cranes to migrate using ultralight aircraft. For some reason, I started to wonder what would happen if a novel bird appeared suddenly at one of those sanctuaries. The notion stuck in my mind in the evening and remained with me the next morning. I decided to start writing and had the first chapter in draft form by early afternoon. I printed it out and gave it to my wife, saying, “Read this.”

“What is it?”

“Something I’ve written. It’s just a first chapter. It’s nothing, just a story.

While she sat down to read, I did chores around the house trying not to hover over her. I couldn’t wait to hear her opinion. About an hour later, she joined me upstairs where I was being the househusband with laundry. When she entered the room, I asked her what she thought.

“Where have you been hiding this? You’ve never written fiction before.”

“You mean you like it?”

Uh, yeah!” She drew out the vowels. “It’s great!

Well, I had to finish it then. It took more than a dozen drafts, but this past weekend it went live as an Amazon Kindle e-book. (A print on demand version is forthcoming.)

It's a story that recalls the golden age of science fiction--whenever someone is 12 years old. But I hope adults will enjoy it as well. I certainly had fun writing it. 

If you're interested, you will find it at 

While it's available as a Kindle e-book, you don't need a Kindle device to read it. You can download the Kindle app for your computer (Windows or OS X) or your tablet (Android or iOS). 

Take a look. I'm at #111,622 in sales. Only one direction to go: Up!

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